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claim your obsessions
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»claim your obsessions here. :D

attention: Anything, and everything having to do with Mariah Carey (including all her movies, songs, books, cds, EVERYTHiNG) has been claimed by me, wasted_beauty so back off :P

The claims list can be found at: the_claims_list

1. You must be a member to claim something.
2. Each member of the community may claim one obsession, unless you have done something to earn more, such as made a layout for the community, an icon, a banner, or anything of that sort, then you will get more. Previous members have been able to get more, since they were early joiners.
3. To make a claim post an entry in this journal. Any and all claims made in comments will be deleted and ignored.
4. Check the claims list and make sure no one else has already claimed it. Up to 2 people may claim one thing, if both people agree (the original owner of the claim must make a post here stating that he/she is willing to share their claim with you). Only 2 people per claim, NO EXCEPTIONS. If the claim you want is already taken by a member who has a) deleted their journal or b) no longer belongs to this community - go ahead and claim it.
5. Scroll back a couple entries, and look for the place where the claims list was last updated, and look at all entries made after that to make sure no one has claimed them before you. This saves time for everybody, because sometimes the claims list isn't always updated right away
6. You cannot change your claims, all claims are final. If I let people change their claims it would get too hectic and unfair. The only exception to this is if you claim a livejournal user and they delete their username, in this case, you may change your claim to anything you want.
7. If you change your username, tell us your old username, the new one, and what your claim(s) were/was.
8. Please make all claim posts public. This just makes it easier for everyone.
9. Make the subject of the post where you're making your claim "I hereby claim..." this way we know you read the rules. If you don't put that in the subject, your post will be ignored.
10. You may claim anything you'd like, other than drugs. If you cannot think of something you are more obsessed with than an illegal narcotic, then don't bother claiming.
11. Linking back to us after you've made a claim is nice, but not a must.
12. You are welcome to advertise your community here (as long as it's a CLAIMING community).. but please, only once or twice.
13. Let's all try and act like mature adults here, please. If you're having a problem with that, we'll have no problem banning you.

Follow the rules. Thanks :)

Brand new thing: Banners made by members of the community for your copying pleasure! Do not direct link. Upload to your own server.











Feel free to put any of the above in your LJs to proudly display your claims!

Items that are available for claiming:
Anything can be claimed, this is including bands, actors, tv shows, movies, livejournal users, colors, anything that you can think of, anything that you're obsessed with. :D

P.S. - you may claim entire bands, and other people may claim members from that band. Same with movies, and the actors/actresses/characters of the movie.

Maintainer - Christine wasted_beauty
Moderator - Lauren cancel_out
Co-Mod - April crashaccident

Disclaimer: This is a livejournal community. Any and all claims made here are just for fun.