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I hereby claim... [03.05.11 + 06.04pm]

Zaraki Kenpachi from the anime Bleach!

Just wondering... If I were to make some icons/banners for the community in order to acquire more claim slots, where am I to post them?

I hereby claim... [02.28.11 + 07.35pm]

All Time Low and everything that has to do with that amazing band :) aaaaall mine, overthespaces , so kindly btfo. :]

I hereby claim.. [01.27.11 + 11.35pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Zack Fair (videogame//final fantasy) and anything related to him.
Thank you. (:


I hereby claim... [01.26.11 + 02.28pm]

Hadassah from the Mark of the Lion series. Thanks!

I hereby claim... [11.02.10 + 09.19pm]

Nicola Sirkis (of Indochine)

thank you

I Hereby Claim... [10.06.10 + 03.22am]

Tom Hardy (actor) and everything to do with him.

I hereby claim... [10.03.10 + 05.42pm]

Anything, and everything having to do with Da Kurlzz (Matthew St. Claire) from Hollywood Undead. Oh and I don't like to share, sorry.

I hereby claim ... [09.30.10 + 09.49am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Daisuke Watanabe ( Japanese actor/talent) and everything related to him.


I hereby claim... [08.30.10 + 01.35pm]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor) and everything related to him.

I hereby claim... [08.15.10 + 03.31pm]

I hereby claim Alex Kapranos, the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand.

(The previous owner is no longer a member of this community).

[08.06.10 + 09.24pm]

12. You are welcome to advertise your community here (as long as it's a CLAIMING community).. but please, only once or twice.

In that case...

idolclaims is a contestant claiming community for American Idol/Canadian Idol/So You Think You Can Dance/any other show that is a part of the Idol family. :D

All you have to do is join, read the rules in the community's user info, and claim your contestant!

So please, join idolclaims and spread the word to your fellow Idol-loving friends! :)

I hereby claim... [06.24.10 + 08.18pm]

Tom Fletcher (McFly) and everything and anything that has to do with him.

i hereby claim... [05.21.10 + 01.44pm]

ian somerhalder and all the good stuff that has anything to do with him.

I hereby claim... [03.13.10 + 01.36pm]

Johnny 3 Tears {George Ragan} (which pretty much includes all body parts, hair, voice, tattoos, etc). Pretty much anything and everything to do with him is claimed by me. :] I don't like to share him. lmao. <3

seeing as irrelevant  (the name that had the hold before) is no longer.

I Hearby Claim... [03.10.10 + 09.53am]

Empires (band) & everything to do with them + all the members.

I hereby claim ... [03.06.10 + 11.35am]

Rebecca Red Tucker from South Park please!

I hereby claim... [03.03.10 + 07.27pm]

U-Kiss [music/band/Korea] all the members and anything and everything to do with them, without sharing!
thnx ♥

I hereby claim... [02.25.10 + 11.57pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Shirley Manson of Garbage. Thank you.


I hereby claim ... [02.20.10 + 09.47am]

Jude Law aka Judesie, the talented English actor, and everything related to him. ♥ (I was surprised that no one has claimed him yet! xD)

I hereby claim [02.17.10 + 06.12pm]
 Anything, and everything having to do with Disney World theme parks Orlando FL ( has been claimed by me, [info]mist_and_foam so back off :P

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